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Why do people with Smartphones like QR codes?

Because they make life easier!  Typing a website address, a contact’s complete profile including name & email & phone number & address, or filling out a form on a tiny little keyboard gets tedious - and scanning a QR code is easy and gives instantaneous results.

Have you ever tried giving someone a URL and had to spell it out letter by letter? And when that website address includes dots and dashes and forward slashes and hyphens and maddeningly seems to get longer and longer, it is just plain difficult!

Or have you tried to type in a contact’s information on your Smartphone? It can be awkward asking, "Can you spell that for me one more time?" again and again.

Not only will we help you to create your FREE QR code, We'll give you the proverbial "kitchen sink." You'll own a QR Code Engine to be able to give as incentives to your customers, clients, students, readers and qualify to win a brand new Apple iPad. We help you to BREAK FREE from the crowd and join the digital age. Find out more here .

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You can put your trust in Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC . We provide exceptional quality and service you can expect. We don't SELL products, we provide RESULTS .

We are a privately-held, state-licensed company operating on the premise that the value we provide compels you to choose us again and again. With unparalleled service and overall value, our loyal clients won't go anywhere else.

The name you can trust!

Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC

Phone: (323) 206-6564

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