Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC

About Us

Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC (KEH) is a niche-oriented, asset management firm that provides exponential services & products to our valued clientele, including Online information about work opportunities for those who are looking to increase their earning potential.

R. Melvin McKenzie (Coach Melvin), KEH's founder and president, has built a solid reputation over the years as one of the City of Los Angeles' most trusted businesses. KEH, LLC's team of executives are committed to providing quality service to our clients. They believe that a reputation as an honest and reliable business is the recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to clients, KEH believes that a good reputation and consistent service will generate better revenues in the long run. By being trustworthy, KEH believes that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community well.

R. Melvin McKenzie, a.k.a., Coach Melvin, who is also an internationally known and respected martial arts coach, and chief instructor at Heaven's Palm Boxing Association, is a visionary who dreams big, and takes bold steps to achieve success. His entrepreneurial vision is the driving force behind Kanda Equity Holdings, LLC, and his love of building businesses, investing in residential properties, practice of internal martial arts, and creating organic healing products fuels his passion.

Coach Melvin thrives in the world of vision and strategy where ideas and dreams become reality. His business acumen always astounds the executive team as he seems to pull ideas from disparate sources into a cohesive, workable whole. When it’s time to recharge, the Coach grabs his water and hits the park where he can be found performing his Qigong and Tai Chi routines. He is on the cutting edge of entrepreneurial ship. His 11 years of military experience in administration, published author, and teaching combines to create a unique voice in our industry. Coach Melvin leads from an “in the trenches” perspective any level of entrepreneur could find useful in their own businesses.

The Coach grew up in Washington D.C. (the nation's capitol), and had an interest in computers and business at an early age. As a result, he has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of running a successful enterprise. He obtains 95% of his knowledge from not only intellectuals, but those who are wealthy entrepreneurs and business owners like himself. Melvin carries on the tradition started in middle school many years ago.

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Maricel Abilay -
Executive Vice President
Real Estate Investments

Maricel's concentration is in the "Hidden Market" area and investing in tax liens, both which are lucrative asset holdings.

William J. Rosary -
Chief Operations Officer

As Sergeant at arms, Bill gives good overall suggestions and keeps KEH focused on current trends while looking at future ideals.

Peggy A. Blow -
Creative Director & Marketing Director

Overseeing marketing, Peggy ensures that the company stays attuned to myriad marketing aspects to take advantage of rapidly changing markets

Moses H. McKenzie -
Senior Vice President

Moses keeps a finger on generational gaps and makes sure the company divides its
attention equally in order to capture the attention of each one.

Jumel Generale - Director Mobile Marketing

Mobilization is the current trend and Jumel ensures KEH directs it's attention to the direction of this lucrative niche.

George Jammal -
Director, Real Estate

George concentrates on standard real estate purchases and looks for the deals that will best serve the purposes of the company.